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Affordable In-home repair. Our technician will come to your home at no extra charge
--so there is no need to disconnect your computer!  Call to get a quote, and schedule a convenient appointment time for your computer service at 414-1892 or
Email us for a quote.

Website Design for your business, a personal website to display pictures, family reunion, wedding website, etc. Now is a great time to get your ideas on an internet web page. Website promotion included with site. Click here for examples

Virus elimination. We can eliminate any viruses on your computer system and put in place proper procedures to help keep your computer clean.

Spyware protection is especially important if you are doing online banking, stock trades, or purchases.  Even if you only use your computer for emailing, this has become a major problem.

Proper security and protection setup for new computers. Don't let your computer go unprotected against viruses when you are online. 

Personal training.  We will answer any of your questions, from basic to advanced. We will teach you how to fully use your computer. This is not in a class setting using different computers, but in the convenience of your own home, using your computer.

Wireless networking.  Add other computers in your home to your CABLE or DSL internet connection, without wires running throughout your home